The Shiatsu Massage with Reiki is a 90 minute stress relieving Shiatsu massage of the back, hips, neck, shoulders, arms, hands, legs and feet, with Reiki Energy Healing blended into the session.   Shiatsu massage techniques are used throughout this massage session to bring deep relaxation and stress relief. Lighter pressure is used to sooth nerve endings and relax the mind, while deeper pressure is used on acupressure points to unblock stuck energy within the meridians of the body as well as relieve muscular tension. This healing session is given on a massage table with the client fully clothed and given without oils and lotions.  The massage is intertwined with moments of stillness utilizing Reiki Energy Healing.  This massage is a relaxing, healing and spiritually rejuvenating experience.  This massage will help your busy mind and body to relax, shut off, and reset so healing can begin!  


An ancient Japanese art, Shiatsu has been used for centuries to improve health and treat a wide range of aliments.  Shiatsu is a form of acupressure massage, using finger and palm pressure with gentle stretching techniques. Shiatsu harmonizes the flow of energy throughout your body, relieving your pain and stress. During a Shiatsu treatment, needing, pressing, soothing, tapping, and stretching techniques are applied to the meridians and acupressure points all over the body in a flowing and relaxing manner.  Meridians are pathways in our bodies that energy (Chi, Prana) continuously flows through feeding our organs and cells with this vital energy.  Sometimes these pathways can become congested or blocked because of stress and negative emotions such as anger, frustration, grief or negative energies that we have absorbed from other people, places or situations.  Receiving Shiatsu helps to open and cleanse the energy in the meridians so vital energy can freely flow throughout the body. Traditionally this massage is performed on a comfortable mat on the floor, however can also be effectively given on a massage table.  The client is fully clothed throughout the massage (light comfortable clothing is recommend to wear) and the massage is given with no oils or lotions.  Shiatsu feels wonderful to receive and is highly effective at relieving stress and negative energy!

After this treatment you will feel relieved from stress and pain, feel balanced and can experience exceptional healing in the area you need whether it is physically, emotionally, mentally or spiritually.  This Massage is truly heavenly!

  • The session includes an initial consultation

  • This Shiatsu Massage with Reiki is given on a massage table with the client fully dressed in comfortable clothing, and no oils or lotions are used.

  • Shiatsu Massage with Reiki is used to open and cleanse the meridians, Chakras and bring healing to areas of need.

  • Angel Cards, Crystal Healing and Sound Healing may be incorporated into the healing session.

  • This session ends with a debrief to discuss findings, messages, questions and healing suggestions. 

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